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Help Shape the Future Owen Sound - Vision 2050

This survey is the first step in a larger community engagement process meant to gather initial feedback and insights to help begin to shape the Future Owen Sound—Vision 2050 initiative. 

The survey will be open from May 27, 2024, until approximately July 31, 2024, and is being distributed widely both online and through physical survey boxes, with paper copies stationed throughout the city. Paper copies of the survey will also be provided to further increase accessibility. 

If you would like to request paper copies, please email or call 519-376-4440 ext. 1211.

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Safe City: Supporting inclusivity, diversity and accessibility in our community and recognizing the importance of a safe and secure community.
Prosperous City: Working towards a positive business environment and support initiatives that increase our competitive economic advantages.
Green City: Enhancing the city’s resiliency and capacity for mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. Supporting and promoting healthy lifestyles.
A City That Grows: Achieving the population target for Owen Sound as set out in the Grey County Growth Management Plan.
A City That Moves: Facilitating sustainable transportation options and creating community connectivity.
City Building: Planning community amenities that create great places and spaces for community living. Cultivating a vibrant and diverse arts, culture and heritage environment throughout the city.
Collaborative City: Maintaining and improving relationships through engagement.