Why is the City doing a waste management strategy?

    The undertaking of a Waste Management Strategy was identified as part of the refreshed Strategic Plan, which Council approved on April 19, 2021.

    Will the City be implementing an organic waste program?

    The city will transition to a Producer Responsibility, Common Blue Box collection system to collect recyclable material in July 2023. The transition to the Producer Responsibility collection system for recyclable material will allow the city to explore introducing a source-separated organics program.

    Is Climate Change being considered as part of the Waste Management Strategy?

    The Waste Management Strategy will place an emphasis on waste reduction, reuse, and recycling activities that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective.  


    The strategy will also work to mitigate climate change impacts under the current waste management system and find solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Will the City be looking at new ways to recycle waste?

    A review of “new and emerging” diversion techniques and technologies has been identified as an outcome of the Waste Management Strategy.